Turn valuable customer insight into real-world actionKanari is not just a customer feedback collection tool. It’s a complete solution to help your organisation understand, manage and improve the customer experience

Customer feedback alone is not enough

With Kanari you can collect customer feedback data automatically. That’s solved a technical challenge. And now you can automatically analyse this data to gain rich insight into your customers. So you’ve avoided countless hours of tedious manual work. But knowing when and why your customers are unhappy is one thing, doing something about it is another.

Kanari is software with a bias toward action. We help ensure the right people in your organization get the right information, at the right time. So you can take the concrete steps required to actually improve the customer experience.

Take control of the customer experience

  • Unhappy customer alerts Set up Kanari email and SMS alerts to notify you when a customer has a negative experience. You can then proactively reach out and win that customer back (and identify in real-time when overall service levels have dropped).
  • Case management module Easily assign and manage negative customer experiences. Your managers now have the tools they need to prevent at-risk customers from churning, while also addressing the root causes of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Integrate with your CRM When you’re paying by the seat, ensuring every key employee has access to your CRM becomes very expensive. By linking Kanari to your CRM, a small team can track open cases, while the action is delegated to your front line staff.
  • Customisable reports Everyone is busy, so it’s important people only get the customer feedback data that’s relevant to them. With just a few clicks you can create tailored reports that focus on the most important metrics for a specific role.

Kanari is your competitive advantage

We make it easy for you to collect, analyse and act on customer feedback. In fact, Kanari helps everyone in your organisation focus on making the customer happy. And when you do that, you have a real competitive advantage. Because while your competitors are struggling to understand what their customers think, you will know. While they waste time manually processing and analysing data, you will do it quickly and automatically.

And while they’re wondering why their customers are churning, you will have already taken action to keep your customers happy.

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