Automatically analyze customer feedback to generate rich business insightOur intelligent algorithms automatically analyse comments and responses, helping you make sense of customer feedback (and saving you the hassle of doing it manually)

It’s easy to get lost in customer feedback data

You’re now collecting lots of customer feedback, which already puts you ahead of lots of businesses. The problem is you’re now accumulating so much customer feedback, analyzing it becomes an administrative headache. Every week people are wasting time manipulating data in spreadsheets, trying to find the good stuff.

The fact is, it’s easy to get lost in the data. And it’s easy to miss the best insights. So processing and analyzing all this data becomes a real pain. That was until Kanari.

Find valuable customer insights automatically

  • Sentiment analysis Kanari automatically understands and categorises the sentiment behind a customer comment. This qualitative analysis of positive or negative emotion helps you identify problems and opportunities.
  • Keyword mining Kanari can find hidden insights in survey responses, identifying keywords of particular importance to you. You can track your customers’ attitudes toward your company, a specific store, a new product, or even your competitors.
  • Informative dashboards Visually attractive and packed with insight, dashboards give everyone in your team visibility of what your customers are experiencing. This information can then inform how your team make decisions.
  • Customised automationWe work with you to create an automated customer experience management program. Together, we set up a data collection and analysis strategy that works for your business, so you’re collecting the right information.

Way more insight. Way less admin

Data analysis that would normally take many hours every week, is now done automatically. Now your team can start each day with an up-to-date snapshot of why your customers are happy (and why they’re not) – making your team laser focused on your customers.

But a dashboard of customer insights is not enough. Insight needs to be followed by action. Kanari gives you the tools you need to actually improve the customer experience. Next, we’ll show you how.

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