We help businesses get happier and more loyal customersKanari helps you better understand your customers, so you can serve them better

We do that in two key ways…

  1. By providing you with software that makes it easy to automatically collect, analyse and and use customer feedback.
  2. And by giving you expert guidance to help you improve the way you measure and manage the customer  experience (CX).

Relationships matter to us. That’s why you’re never just customer #4,786 to us…

What makes us special is not just our software, or our customer experience expertise. It’s the fact that we work in partnership with you, helping you design and implement an effective CX management programme.

  • Personalised onboarding From your demo to getting set up and beyond, you’re never left to fend for yourself. Your dedicated account manager will bend over backwards to make sure you succeed with Kanari.
  • Rapid response support If you hit a problem, you need help in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. Our support team is well-trained, 100% local and ready to help you if you need us.
  • Expert guidance to improve Whether you’re new to CX or have a mature process, we assess your existing programme and make recommendations on how to improve data collection and analysis.

Meet The Founders

subhi farah kanari co-founder
Co-Founder and CEO

Subhi Farah

Subhi is an experienced software developer and business consultant, with a computer science degree from the University of Toronto, and an MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona. He is passionate about helping MENA businesses grow by improving the customer experience.
edmond husseini kanari co-founder

Edmond Husseini

Edmond is a successful entrepreneur, passionate about using technology to accelerate social and economic development in the Middle East. Co-founder of SEBSPORTS and Victory Team, he holds engineering degrees from Johns Hopkins and Cranfield University, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Why did we build Kanari?

We strongly believe that improving the customer experience is the smartest use of a businesses’ time, resources and capital. Yet across the MENA region, the adoption of customer experience management has a long way to go.

We see businesses wanting to get better, but struggling to build truly effective customer experience programmes. We decided to help, and so Kanari was born.

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