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Software development – finding a partner

In our last post Subhi talked about all the things we considered in order to arrive at our decision to outsource the initial stages of Kanari’s software development. Though we put a lot of thought into that phase we knew that finding a suitable software development partner would prove to be a much more intensive exercise. Jumping into bed with a development partner was not something we took lightly because once work has started and initial payments have been made you don’t want to be in a position where you need to consider firing your development team and handing the project over to a new one. I’ll use this post to talk about the steps we took and all the things we kept in mind..

To develop in-house or outsource?

Although much is written about the steps needed to set up a business in Europe or North America, we found it challenging to find similar information about the difficult decisions we expected we’d need to make in order to set up a business in Dubai. This is the first in a series of posts in which we’ll be writing about some of the challenges we face whilst building Kanari. I’d like to dedicate this first one to an important decision related to building the first version of our product, namely to hire a team and build Kanari in-house or outsource the development to an external party.