Al Masaood Automobiles partners with Kanari to power Customer Experience Transformation

With Kanari’s experience management platform, Al Masaood Automobiles taps into real-time customer insights to drive improvements in service quality and customer experience.


Abu Dhabi – Al Masaood Automobiles, the authorized distributor of Nissan, INFINITI and Renault in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and the Western region, has partnered with Kanari, a Dubai-based experience management technology company to leverage the power of real-time customer feedback in driving improvements in customer experience.

Kanari’s experience measurement solution allows Al Masaood Automobiles to engage with a significantly higher number of customers than was previously possible and gives teams across the entire organization the ability to recover dissatisfied customers in real-time thereby reducing the business impacts of negative customer experiences.

Furthermore, the insights uncovered by Kanari give the team a better understanding of both the customer and the market, which in turn significantly helps with defining training programs and internal improvement plans to ensure customer needs are always being addressed.

Stephan Davies, General Manager – Customer Experience & Network Development, Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “At Al Masaood Automobiles we have all-encompassing ‘Customer First’ approach, therefore we ensure that the whole organization has visibility on what our customers think, feel and, say. Through our collaboration with Kanari we have digitized and automated our systems to receive real-time insights from our customers. Thanks to their innovative platform, we are communicating with a very wide customer base easily and listening to their feedback to better understand their needs and taking action to improve their customer journey. Moreover, our cooperation has allowed us to tailor-make our customer experience systems and dashboards to holistically measure customer experiences across various touchpoints. We welcome this partnership and look forward to working closely with the Kanari team to further enhance customer experience at Al Masaood Automobiles.”  

“We are very delighted to see Al Masaood Automobiles leveraging Kanari’s technology to listen to customers in real time, adapt to customer expectations and drive improvements in the customer experience. And we look forward to supporting Al Masaood Automobiles in their CX transformation and in generating actionable insights and a positive ROI on experience.” said Subhi Farah, CEO of Kanari.

Kanari’s service offering falls in line with the Al Masaood Automobiles’ commitment towards adopting innovative and technology-driven solutions that can elevate the customer experience to a whole new level.


About Kanari

Kanari is a customer experience insights & analytics technology company that helps brands grow their business by enabling them to measure, manage and improve the quality of their customer and employee experiences. Kanari’s powerful suite of data collection, reporting and analytics tools allow brands to measure customer and employee experiences in real-time across all touch-points and channels. Kanari is based in Dubai, UAE and supports customers in the Automotive, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services and Hospitality sectors, among others. For more information visit

About Al Masaood Automobiles

Al Masaood Automobiles – authorized distributor of Nissan, INFINITI and Renault in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region for over 36 years, brings to its customers a complete range of the most reliable 4×4, luxury, passenger and commercial vehicles, efficiently catering to a large and diverse number of individual, fleet and government users. Al Masaood Automobiles’ extensive network coverage includes 8 showrooms for new cars, and 3 showrooms for used cars in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region – including the flagship showroom complex at Musaffah with dedicated new vehicle delivery centre; 6 Service Centres and 7 Spare Parts outlets. 

This post was initially published on the Al Masaood Automobiles website