These brands use Kanari to successfully manage the customer experience

The problem is customer experience management isn’t easy. And the larger your organization, the trickier it gets...

  • It’s a technical challenge just capturing all the feedback from your customers.
  • Someone then has to spend countless hours turning spreadsheets of raw survey data into useful reports for management.
  • Often the feedback you do collect doesn’t get into the right hands, or at the right time.
  • And so your company isn’t taking the actions required to save unhappy customers, or tackle the root causes of their dissatisfaction.

But what if it was easy to know exactly what your customers were thinking?

  • What if you could rescue an unhappy customer in real-time, before they rant to their 567 Facebook friends?
  • What if every front-line employee had customer insights at their fingertips, so they can better serve your customers?
  • And what if every manager had instant access to the latest customer satisfaction performance metrics?

And what if you could do this effortlessly and automatically? Well, now you can with Kanari's customer experience management suite.

Easily collect valuable customer insightThink of our feedback gathering technology as automated listening. While your team gets on with the day-to-day stuff, Kanari efficiently collects vital information about your customers.

  • Create custom, on-brand surveys that work on any device.
  • Capture the voice of your customers at every key touchpoint.
  • Send via email, SMS, QR code, in-store tablets or your website and app.
  • Gain knowledge of what your customers are thinking and feeling.

Advanced analytics to uncover the goldWhen collecting customer feedback, it’s easy to drown in data. Kanari automatically analyses every response, highlighting important customer insights. Presenting this to you via simple and beautiful dashboards.

  • Discover the hidden issues that are damaging customer satisfaction.
  • Updates in real-time so you keep your finger on your customers’ pulse.
  • Intelligent keyword mining brings valuable feedback to the surface.
  • Sentiment analysis to understand the emotional tone of customer opinions.

Turn this insight into real-world actionCollecting feedback is a waste of time unless you take action. That’s why we make it easy to turn insight into meaningful change, with reporting, alerts and case management features.

  • Reporting on the key customer satisfaction metrics that matter most.
  • Case management to easily monitor and recover unhappy customers.
  • Management reports to help you tackle the root cause of problems.
  • Email and SMS notifications to alert key employees of at risk customers.

And you can expect all the support you need, when you need it

Expect fast and efficient response from our friendly support team.
A managed service to help you get set-up quickly and hassle-free.
We’ll integrate Kanari with your existing CRM and other relevant systems.

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